Iperius Remote 2.0.5


  • Improved performance and stability
  • Complete management of multiple monitors, with the possibility of choosing which monitor to display
  • Improved file transfer performance
  • Inserted dynamic search in the list of remote computers
  • New options to automatically filter computers that are not connected or that do not belong to any group
  • Added Japanese translation
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a problem of failed automatic reconnection as a service in case of restart of the computer or change of IP address.
  • Some minor bugs fixed
Iperius Remote 2.0.2


  • Improved stability and performance
  • Improved usability of the list of computers and contacts
  • Improved visualization of connection statistics
Fixed bugs
  • Some minor bugs fixed
Iperius Remote 2.0.0


  • New advanced and shared List for Remote Computers and Contacts
  • Management of multiple Operators, work groups (companies), management of destination computers, management of access permissions.
  • Advanced STATISTICS: by group (company), target computer, operator
  • Possibility of having multiple operators (and not just a single master account)
  • Possibility of having multiple client accounts on the target computers (example: if two different companies have to provide assistance to the same customer, on the computer of that client each of the two companies enters with his account)
  • Possibility to connect to a remote computer that you have in your address book without specifying the password, or, always for the address book, have custom and separate passwords for each destination computer.
Fixed bugs
  • Some minor problems solved
Iperius Remote 1.7.9


  • Customization: Added a new option to create a client that only allows screen sharing (without remote control) by default
  • Fixed a service startup problem if there were previous versions of the executable file

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